Chicken Invaders - Revenge of the Yolk - Easter Edition

Chicken Invaders - Revenge of the Yolk - Easter Edition

Easter-themed game that has the player shooting waves of chickens

The invading chickens are back and it's your job to roast them all with your laser weapon. Shoot your way through countless waves of chickens, stay way from their eggs attacks and defeat all the bosses.

Chicken Invaders - Revenge of the Yolk (Easter Edition) is a very entertaining and energetic game. It can be described in two words: fun and funny. The fun factor is given by dynamism, nice graphics, bonuses and the story. The funny part comes from the humorous way the story is presented in the game. An example is when you insult an enemy, he attacks you, you panic saying “Shields up!” and then defend yourself with a giant pan in front of your ship. It could be labelled as a game for children but it can be enjoyed by adults too.

The game starts with an epic fight between you and a giant Easter Bunny, reinforcing the motif of the game. After that adventure, you are thrown into a black hole by a giant egg-like ship. This gives a reason for the rest of the game as you are teleported far away and need to get back.

The gameplay gets you hooked because it gives a lot of reasons to continue playing. Among these reasons are the bonuses you keep collecting, the special weapons, the awarding of rockets, the constant change of enemies and/or the way they attack, etc.

If you get bored playing alone, tell a friend to come over and you can start a two-player game on the same computer. It can also be played cooperatively on LAN or over the Internet.

Although the basic idea is not original (it dates back to the 8-bit era), the twist that InterAction studios added definitely makes them worth their success. Colorful and funny, the game deserves its popularity. It’s certainly worth a try, no matter what age you are.

Alice Blest
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  • Nice graphics
  • Entertaining
  • Non-linear
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Could be a little cheaper
  • The demo can only be played for 60 minutes
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